I will write again on this topic. However I felt the need would be here over the holiday weekend to help someone. I know this advice that I am going to give you to be true from my own experience and because of the word of God that is shared with us all.

If you are struggling with something today and it has a hold on you. If time and time again you have prayed only to fail and be pulled back into the snare and caught up again in this vicious cycle of defeat and despair. Then I want you to pay close attention to what I am about to share with you.

You must have faith.This is your answer to your struggle. You also must trust God, in whom you place your trust.

You say hey Tom that is not that easy. I would say to you that you’re absolutely right it isn’t that easy. You see it is only after many failures and attempts to do it on our own that you will return one day again to God with this struggle and be set free from this stronghold on your lives. God wants to set you free for good not for just today.

It takes time for God to build in you the character traits and strong faith you need to be delivered from this struggle in your life. Without failure and struggle you would never have the ability to stand for very long on your own. God knows this already . So do not be discouraged and give in when you fail. Your mind and views are cloudy on how to get free.  God’s mind and view is not.

God will build in you over time a renewing of your spirit where by you will begin to trust him more with your life and trust his ability to deliver you permanently from your stronghold. Then and only then my friend will you have the faith it will take to be set free not for a moment,day or week or even a month, but forever from the strongholds in your life.

Now that’s not all. In order to have this strong trust in God and strong faith in God you will have to come to the Lord with a childlike faith that trust God with your life. You will need to be a person that pray’s always. By that I mean anytime you have doubt or fear in your life or just need to talk,learn to talk to God. Develop a relationship with God that is based on prayer. Prayer without faith is useless and faith without prayer will get you know where. You have to Trust God.

Remember at the first I told you I learned this from excperience.It took years for me to be free from strongholds in my life. To recap Trust comes from faith,faith comes from prayer.We all need God.Start today to build your relationship with God through prayer,trust and faith in God.Image

Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. Mark 11:24

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