Quality Time

Well I have been on R&R for a while and it is time to get back in the saddle so to speak. I missed writing and sharing my journey. I did keep up reading all the wonderful post from everyone.The Question that’s burning at my heart today is: who are you spending your time with if you are a christian?

If you are like the other Christian’s I know and I include myself in that. Your time is spent with other Christian’s like you. Church family,and people you like. Well are you ready for this. We are missing the mark brothers and sisters in Christ. I would suggest to you we should be spending more of our time with the lost.

You know sinners.Like the guy that goes to the bar regularly and has never been in church before. Fellows that are rough around the edges.That know one wants anything to do with. Drug addicts, prostitutes, liar’s, thieves..Atheist, gay, lesbian brothers and sisters. Oh yea they are our brother and sisters also.They are just lost. Folks from a different religion than ours.Those that are not so clean. We don’t have to compromise our belief. We just have to learn to change.Take a person you don’t know to dinner.Or spend some time when you go to the park to run or walk with someone you don’t know. Go with them somewhere they go develop a friendship with them. Hey learn to love them as you do yourself. When you do, they will learn to trust you.Then who knows I bet Jesus can reach their heart then. All through little ole’ us. Go figure.Who would have ever thought that up?

“JESUS” did. Go make disciples of them. Not the ones in church. The ones on the street. We need to be the church. Let God live through our hearts and reach the lost. Want you change with me today.The way we think. Let’s spend more time doing what God has commanded us to do. Reach the lost. It is kinda hard to be a christian when you are not reaching the lost. Well just my thoughts.I am going to purpose to change today.I hope you will also.



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