The Way to True Living




I was reading the Lord’s word this morning and came upon some scriptures in John chapter 6. Some of you good folks who see that its John chapter 6 will be able to quote the whole chapter. After all the story has been told many times. Well for me this morning all I can say is I have not read it enough. I write this morning that those that don’t know him and see this will find Jesus. I write this that those who are struggling or even those that are doing all right and just need to be refreshed might find Jesus ion a new way. I want try to tell the story.Go to John chapter 6 and read it for yourselves. It is a powerful chapter in the life of Jesus that reveals his love for mankind.

Our Lord said there would be some who would stumble over the cornerstone of life. Meaning Jesus. I don’t want anyone to not find our precious saviour. Listen I will get right to it.If you read this and you have secrets in your life you cannot share with anyone for fear of shame. If you have things in your life that you don’t want anyone to know about. If you just need to be refreshed in Jesus again Or if you just need to find your way back to Jesus again then John chapter 6 will help you do this.

Jesus did not come to make life confusing and meaningless or dull. He came to give us a life that made perfect sense and was easy to live through Him. Read John chapter 6. Yes its true we struggle here on this earth in our earthly bodies. However we don’t have to struggle so much. Life does not have to be so difficult for us. Jesus gave us the way to live in a few short verses. Nothing else is required of us. In fact he said there was nothing we could do that mattered except one thing. For you that have never heard this before its so simple you will fall over with laughter and Joy. Jesus said “This is the only work God wants from you: Believe in the one he has sent.” Told you its like really that is all I have to do to be assured I have eternal life and life more abundantly and to quit all this struggling in my life. Yep thats it. If I told you any differently than that then it would be my way to freedom not Jesus.

Listen to me. The Holy Spirit will make the changes in you. God knows your situation wherever you are at right now.You might be a pastor or a mother,daughter,son or a husband and father trying to be the man of your home. It does not matter what you are having problems with.The Holy Spirit of God can change your life around and began to give you a more abundant and peaceful life.Seriously all you have to do is pray and ask Jesus to be Lord over your life and believe on him. Read the word of God.There is your secret to a healthy bondage free life. Oh yes before I forget. Read John chapter 6.

Father not because of who I am or what I can do alone but because of who you are and what you have done. I ask you to open the minds and hearts of all who read Your word and this story Jesus. That they would find you there and know you like I do.That they could begin the journey home to you and a better life. Jesus I thank you now for what you are going to do for these good people.I praise you and give you Glory for who you are. Amen


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