Matthew 18:1-7

Matthew 18:1-7

Child like Faith


 I should be like a small child care free and worry free trusting in my Lord Jesus to lead and provide all my spiritual growth.  My heart should be sincere and not focused on worldly gain but on the day at hand. Not arguing over petty issues and being self-centered and desiring attention or position for myself. It is easy today to be focused on what others think of me or what the world thinks I should be doing. 

However this is very stressful and misleading. I remember when the only care I had been how to get to the old fishing hole after school. Nothing to worry about no status desired amongst my peers. After all when I got home Mom would have supper cooked and I would have a warm bed to sleep in.You see I trusted Mom and Dad to help me find my position in life and show me my worth when I was small. 

There is a lot to be said about just letting go of all the stress as adults both young and old ones of worrying about if I am going to get that job or position or if someone likes me or not. It will consume my life and before to long it will be my focus. Shouldn’t I be focused as a mature christian or maybe someone desiring to be a mature christian on helping others and being an example and role model to those that are new in Christ both (old and young ones).

It is hard as an adult to identify with children. However it is healthy to try to do so. They are weak and dependent upon others to take care of them. Lets see there is a scripture that said where I am weak he is strong. Like a little child when I am weak with no status or influence trusting in Christ To work through me with his love grace and mercy for me and others through his abilities not mine then I am Christlike and Christ is strong in me.

Lord help me not to neglect those around me that are spiritually immature or new in knowing You . Father help me to reach out and befriend those around me that are not popular in society or that are lost to You. Father help me not to tempt others by the way I act or to neglect those in need for anything especially those that need a mentor or guidance. More than anything lord help me to be humble and quick to forgive others always relying on your Holy Word for my guidance amen. 

You are special!


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