You Are Invited

There is a wedding and you are invited. Tell all your friends,spread the new’s there is going to be a feast and the groom has invited everyone to come. By now some of you have figured it out. You know God loved us so much that he sent his son to die for us and Jesus as given everyone a open invitation to come and be a part of the great wedding feast. Jesus will send this invitation out many times to his guest (the world). I pray that all would receive this invitation. There is of course a dress requirement. You must put on your very best. Otherwise you must be clothed in righteousness. Jesus has that covered also. Except his invitation and he will cloth you in righteousness. You know this is a first class wedding you are going to. Think about it he said you will walk amongst his most honored guest. So today make it a point to spread the word that everyone is invited to a wedding. I don’t know about you but I go to all of them I can, They are such a awesome celebration. In closing let me share something with you. Satan likes to accuse people of being unworthy and filthy. This is a lie. Jesus has already paid the price for everyone’s sin. We are all made worthy in Christ Jesus if we will except his invitation. We serve a mighty God who loves all of us each and everyone.


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