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I wanted to write today to share a recent experience that I had. So often I get complacent you know I just go through the motions not really thinking about what is going on at any moment. After all most of what I do I have already done before many times over. It happens like that. The day before yesterday was different. We have been traveling and as usual where we were at a place where there was no internet. Trust me it can be a good thing. Well no one could reach is so I didn’t get any messages until  I got back into a service area.

Well the first text I received came from a lady that leases a home from us. Now her and I don’t always see eye to eye if you know what I mean. Me the landlord her the tenant. It happens that way trust me. I do work on the relationship as I am sure she does to. They have leased from us for seven years. She has been changing my character from the very beginning and I hers. Or was that God doing that. Anyway Glory to God for what He does in my life.

I will call her Mary and her husband Joe in order to respect their privacy. Well Joe has been disabled for several years now due to health issues. To further complicate that he has been diagnosed with cancer which as you know brings with it other health issues. He has been in and out of rehabilitation homes and hospitals for a while now. Joe and Mary are really having a tough time in the last several years.

I don’t think I keep their issues in life close to my heart and on my mind like I should. I am to busy to notice most of the time. I am doing something more important. I have my thought volume turned way up. Makes it hard to hear anything else. Well Mary texted me and ask me to please pray for Joe as he had been readmitted into the hospital with hallucinations and severe pain. Remember Mary and I are working on our relationship. This was not easy for her to ask for different reasons I am sure. It’s the way we are trust me.

Well I was setting there and told my wife who just texted me. Now we have been praying for Joe and Mary and knew the situation. What I didn’t know as how God was going to use us to reach her and her husband.

I immediately got directions from the Holy Spirit to respond to Mary with yes we will pray and texted her back and asked if Joe was still in the hospital, we were going to go visit him. Now I want go into great detail here but you have to know that some folks reading this don’t have time to go visit sick folks. At least they think they don’t. I know not any of you.

Carolyn her real name my lovely wife put together a care package and we made plans to be with Joe the next day. Carolyn is a lot more thoughtful than me you know the opposites attract thing. I asked the Lord to help us to know what to say to Joe and how to pray. I trusted him that he would give us words that would meet Joe’s every need and Gods will and assurance for Joe. You see this was not about us. It was about Joe and Mary and what was going on in their lives.

When we got at the hospital I asked Joe what we could do for him and he like Mary said would you pray with me. What an honor to be a part of Gods plans. I assured Joe that I was not there to put on airs like I was better than him or had arrived at the pearly gates already and had all the answers. I did this and told him so that he would understand that when I prayed with him it was not me that was going to bring about change in his situation but the mighty power of Jesus. As we gathered and held hands the Lord begin to speak and give us words to pray for Joe and when we had finished we gave glory to God for the faith and healing He had put in Joe. You could tell by the look on his face. He had been touched by God. I also had it in my heart an assurance he had been touched by the Lord that morning and given new hope.

My own wife had two battles with breast and intestinal cancer. She is and was cancer free then and today. It just took a while for the doctors to figure it all out, Glory to God. So We knew what Joe and Mary were going through. The horror stories of chemotherapy and radiation. Carolyn and I  talked about all the folks that could not go visit someone sick or did not have the same blessed quality of life we did due to health reasons or lack of time so they think.

We agreed that we were thankful we had heard God speak to our hearts about Joe and Mary. We were glad God had spoken to Mary and told her to ask that old hard-headed landlord to pray for them. We were glad that we had stayed the course with God and he had kept us on a straight road in life so we could be an example to someone someday because of the experiences and heartache we had already had in our own. We were glad we heard him when he spoke to us.

I could write all day on the love and admiration that God has for us. Today if you are struggling with addictions of any kind or sin and sickness has a hold on your life. I want you to know there is a God who sees all and hears all that is watching over us all. No problem is to big or small, there is nothing in your life that can keep God from loving you. Slow your life down if you need to and hear God. Listen to him speak to you so he can use you to touch others and their lives. What an honor to be a part of something so simple as a hospital visit. Small to us not to Joe and Mary and God.

Want you let God speak to you today.

Father I ask you to touch the minds and hearts of all who read this that they would know your love for them and others. That they would be free from sin and bondage and have life more abundant in you.














  1. This is lovely. It’s so important that we not only believe in the Lord, but that we obey Him. Bless you for listening and obeying, and giving Him the glory He deserves.


    1. Thanks Susan. Its true we miss out on many blessings and all the Godly fun when we are not obedient to the call of the Holy Spirit. I tell my grandchildren God is so cool!


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