Please pray for my family.  Our precious daughter Kelly was taken from us when a truck struck her this morning. We need your prayers.



    1. We feel your love Paul. Thank you. Paul my pain is so deep at this time. You write so well. Could I ask you to write something about A man’s daughter you didn’t know?


      1. Tom. I have never written anything with such a heavy heart. I have never been given such a precious gift as this. I have never experienced the pain your are suffering right now. You have touched me so deeply from the depth of your pain.

        Hold each other tight.


  1. I wish an “I’m sorry” from a perfect stranger could ease your sorrow even an ounce. If it could, I’d offer you a million. Just know that people (even strangers) are praying for you and your family and for God to give you His mighty strength.


  2. I was reading Paul’s blog and found your post. I am so sorry to hear about your daughter KellIy. I lost my son recently ( 2 1/2 months 1 day and 8 hours ago ) and I know the pain you and your family are going through. My heart cries out for you. I will pray for God’s strength so that you can get through each day a nano-second at a time, for His amazing peace, that it guards your hearts and minds, and for the daily renewal of the Holy Spirit’s power in your lives. A new journey began for me the day my son died . . . . each step takes me closer to the throne of grace and mercy and furture away from my pain and grief ~ Deborah Ann ~


  3. May the God of Heaven comfort you in this most difficult time. It’s so hard to understand His ways in these situations but one day you shall know. I’m praying for you all!!!


  4. I can’t imagine your pain right now, but my prayers along with many others are that our God will comfort you, keep you and through it all you will feel His presence.


  5. Father we ask that you give comfort in this tragedy and that You minister Your abundant grace to Tom and Carolyn as they have suffered this devastating loss of their beloved Kelly. We ask for peace in the midst of heartache and faith in the darkness of their grief. Uphold them God with love, surround them with support, and let them feel Your embrace for You are nearest to us when we are brokenhearted.

    I pray that you and Carolyn can feel our love for you.


    1. Paul I read your writing for us. My life is upside down right now. What you gave to me deserves a better response than I can give at this time and moment. Your writing touched my family’s hearts. I will graciously read it at my daughter’s services if the Lord will give me strength. The comments have sustained me and uplifted me. I will post again when I am able.
      Much love Tom & Carolyn


      1. Tom, no words, no anything needed. No deserves, no expects ever. Nothing. This is just the best I can put my arms around you right now. That’s all.


    1. Please Father walk closer to me and me to thee. Oh how I love thee and my heart aches for thee walk with me walk with me. I love you and need you Father My family needs you our pain like your sons is to much to bare please take it from me. Only you can sustain and hold me . So hold me me lord hold me. Tears fall freely Father I can’t stand any more. Walk with me walk with me. hOLD MY BABY lord guard and keep her Lord tell her i LOVE HER lORD TELL HER I love her. Thank you my dear sweet brother. Much love much love….


  6. Birth and death
    Love and loss
    Joy and pain
    The greatest of these is pain right now
    The greatest of these is loss right now
    The greatest of these is death right now
    Hold each other, cry each tear, hold together
    Keep each close, forever near.
    Love never left
    Love never died
    Love is all
    Always love – always love –
    It is always – all ways – always


  7. Tom and Carolyn, I’ve been off line for a week and came back to this. There is deep pain in my heart for both of you, and deep love, too. I cannot know ever what you are going through. Please know you are in my prayers.


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