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I have had this article for some years now and read it frequently . Probably not as much as I need to the truth be told. It is a constant reminder to me of what I strive for through the mercies and grace of God. I don’t judge myself and certainly try not to judge others.

I do know where I am aiming my arrow on the target so to speak and that is dead center. I don’t want to miss the target. So purely out of admiration and love and mostly because He calls me to Him this way. I strive to serve God and allow Him to change my heart.

I am of opinion that I serve a most patient and kind God. If you don’t know him let me introduce you to him. God is patient and kind. Always loving, slow to anger and quick to forgive. He is a trustworthy and steadfast friend in times of trouble . His spirit broods over us constantly watching us and intervening in our behalf to protect and guide us. Pick up a copy of the bible today or visit your local church and begin to explore the wonderful journey of eternal life with God. 

A exalted view of God brings a clear view of sin and a realistic view of self, A diminished view of God brings a reduced concern for sin and an inflated view of self. Isaiah may have been satisfied with personal holiness until he saw the Lord in His unspeakable glory. Isaiah’s encounter with the holy God made him immediately and keenly aware of his own unholiness and the sinfulness of those around him. It is impossible to worship God and remain unchanged. The best indication that we have truly worshiped is a changed heart.

Have we so conformed ourselves to a sinful world that we are satisfied with unholy living. Have we sunk so far below God’s standard that when someone does live as God intended we consider that person “superspirtiual”? If we only compare our holiness with those around us,we may be deceived  into believing that we are living a consecrated life. Yet when we encounter holy God, our only response can be “Woe as me!”

You will not see those around you trusting Jesus until they recognize a clear difference between you and the rest of the world. God wants to sanctify you as He is a holy.

When God deals with you, there will be a radical degree of purity about your life that is absolutely  different from what the world can produce. The world, including those closest to you, will be convinced you serve a holy God by your consecrated life.

Much Love Tom




  1. Wonderful post. I have thought much on the idea that as a country, or even the world – we have become so accustomed to the sinful ways of society that we tolerate more and more and leave God farther and farther behind. We have, as you say, conformed. I have had some skeptics ask questions since I’ve been blogging that can only be a part of this desensitized world and it’s heart-breaking to me that they seem impossible to reach. Impossible for us, but not for God. So we shine the light God gives us to plant the seed, God will take it from there. God bless you!


    1. Thank you for the comment Tammi. We Keep planting the seeds. God will water them. I believe the human heart is truly from a scripture perspective a lot more than a muscle . God commands us to guard our hearts. If we do then it is easier for us to have clarity and a better relationship with him and others.


  2. “Superspiritual” what an observation. Because I know exactly what you mean. And yet I have never thought “why”? Why is that not how it is for all of us who accept this gift of grace.
    Thank you Tom, this is one to ponder with Him.


  3. Ponder ,meditate,contemplate all good stuff my brother. I pray I ponder more. Search my heart oh God. Thanks for the comment Paul.


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