Going Home

There comes a time in life where every christian or believer in God wants to go to heaven and be with God and or someone they have lost.. Whether that is because life is tough down here on earth or we might have lost a loved one and just want to be with them. God say’s he hears are cries for mercy and see’s are tears,in fact he collects them. That is how much he cares about our grief and sorrow.

I know one day soon that I will take my place with my loved ones that have already crossed over into heavens gates and now live in perfection with God. In the mean time I am still here on this earth and that hurts. For me it looks like Tom will do his best through the power,grace and mercy of God to glorify God and point as many folks as I can to my hope and my promise Jesus Christ.

Eternity is a long time…… We don’t know the time nor place that Jesus will return for us. He will return though in the twinkling of an eye. From the east, to establish his kingdom and take us home to spend eternity with him. Folks have a lot of different ideas about what heaven is like and where heaven’s at.

For me that’s too much to think about. Some even have strong believes about how you have to act to get to heaven. Well in my sixty years of living I can tell you one thing. I have a lot in common with brother David in the bible. I am always saying I am sorry and please forgive me Lord. Otherwise there is nothing sparkly  and pretty about me.

I do know this in my you know you know place. God does love me. He does care about where I will spend eternity. He does draw me to him. He does sustain and cause me to just stand when I can do no more. He does pray for me in languages I can’t  understand. He even thinks and acts in ways I cannot even fathom or understand. God also chooses for his on reasons and my benefit not to answer every question I ask. particulary the why ones.

In spite of all the gray areas . God still remains my hope and my inspiration and strength to go on in this old world I live in and do what he ask me to do.

I miss my Dad,IMG_0110 I miss My daughter Kelly.My sweet Baby Kelly

In fact my heart is broken because they are gone from me, from my presence. It is more than I can take sometimes . I do take it though and God gets me through. I want to spend eternity with them. Where will you spend eternity?

Much Love Tom

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