Fear & Worry

imagesfear is a prison


The enemy is fear we think it is hate but its fear.


Sometimes I am afraid, sometimes I worry. I am in my sixties you would have thought by now I would have worked all that out. If I am not in denial then the above is true for me.  I am afraid for me and for others that are like me and they know they are like me.

The bible for my purposes is my guide and what I try to live my life by. The bible has many scriptures that tell us not to fear or worry. Yet I still do and sometimes even deny I do. I must be lying. Well at least I am honest most of the time.  (Honesty and holiness will have to wait for another story.)It bothers me that I worry and fear when I honestly know better. It will not gain me anything to worry, it will change not one good thing for me. It will only ruin my day and my life and the life of those around me.

When I fear then I am counter productive. I am not affective at my daily tasks. I am not at my best as a father and husband or a friend. Not even including my ability to be an effective witness and example of Christ to those that desperately need to see the image of Christ in me. I am rendered basically useless for all practical purposes and have a great effect on all that are around me.

Tonight and tomorrow someone will get up with anxieties and worry and fear gripping their life’s. This is what will control them all day long and into the night. Some will just have a lingering bothersome kind of fear and worry. One that hides in the background. One that is easily denied and one that can be lived with. one that still keep us from operating at our full capacity.

We can experience fear and worry from a traumatic experience in our life’s like having to move on in life with the loss of someone dear to us. It might be the loss of a job and how we will provide for ourselves and those that depend upon us. It might be of someone who we think intends to harm us or maybe a broken marriage or serious illness as beset us. Maybe an addiction or habit that rules our life’s and we are afraid of being found out.

The list and the reasons and the negative consequences of them go on and on, there are many fears and worries in our life’s. Some folks just adapt to them and accept them as part of their life. Take them on like a turtle shell and carry them around on their backs. They have convinced themselves that this is the norm. There is no peace,no joy or happiness,no real achievements or goals set or maintained. No hope. It would seem.

It is good to write your thoughts out at times. Not sure if you should share them all with the world though. However I want to be an open book if I may that others might not feel alone in this sometimes crooked road we travel on our journey towards home. I pray often and talk to the Lord about these issues and trust Him with my short comings and daily struggles. Jesus knows me well and knows what my next move will be. The way I figure He is not the least bit surprised at what I will do next. I try to never intentionally lie or deny my weakness and life problems like worry and fear to Jesus. I believe He respects an honest and broken person better that a self-righteous one or one in denial and lying about their problems. It is easier for Him to help us.

You know Jesus loves us so much. I have to chuckle now because this has become one of my main statements in life. It is the truth though so why not say it. Weather we are on the mountain doing fine or in the lowest pits covered in the miry clay, Jesus loves us and see’s us and is going to be there for us.

Jesus wants us to live a life of peace and joy while here on this earth. Not one filled with despair. I could quote a bunch of scriptures to back these statements up but then you wouldn’t go look them up for yourself at least most wouldn’t. God has many things to say about not fearing and worrying and anxiousness. We get to make choices down this old road called life. Will we read the word of God and have a relationship with Jesus. Will we trust Him to change us and mold us and help us along this journey. Or will we live in denial and a lie, being defeated daily. Have the relationship with Jesus that He wants for you and Him, not my relationship or someone else’s. You will find the answers in the bible and through the love of a Christ like individual. Jesus can show you the truth about your fears and worries. He will give you new hope and courage to go forward in peace. I am not just spouting off here. I have lived it and experienced His life changing power. When everyone and everything has let you down turn to Jesus and He will change your circumstances. It does not matter where you are at or how hopeless it all seems Jesus can will and wants to change it into something wonderful for you.

Don’t worry and fear any longer take it to Jesus in prayer.

Much Love Tom



    1. That is so true my brother. Many years ago I started a business with the Lord and I was afraid, yet I had faith in Jesus. He calmed my fear and He increased my faith. I retired from that business and I am debt free. Glory to God for it all. Fear would have stopped me.

      Much love Tom


  1. Tom, I love the way you wrap us up in your warm embrace of humility and honesty. Each time I read your words, I feel more and more certain we are long-lost twins separated at birth. I think we are about the same age (I’m 64) and you often echo many of the sentiments I feel. You, here, this space, is always a safe space to land, just as Jesus is. Even though I came to Jesus late in life, at 56, I know him more deeply because I know you.

    Bless you, my brother.



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