The Turtle Susan writes such wonderful poetry and devotions amongst other stories. I have  long enjoyed her stories please go take a peek for yourself.

Much love Tom

Susan Irene Fox

The struggle to remain in your embrace

When burdened with life’s worries, grief and fear

Becomes a hindrance all too commonplace

Thought first it was horrific and severe.

Oppressed beneath the weight of my disgrace

Ashamed, to you I no more could adhere

Allowing load and mass to sway my gait

I let affliction incapacitate.


Dear God, please show me rescue, don’t retreat.

Laid low by snares of which were not my choice

Imprisoned by the force of this defeat

I need you, long to once more hear your voice.

Without your touch I crumble incomplete

Release me, Lord; allow me to rejoice.

The Spirit stirs and moves me to the sea

Back to the ocean where I might be free.


When finally I dared to self submerge

Your ocean’s love was felt, Your grace bestowed

My burdens lifted, comforted and purged.

Glide fluidly, no longer pressed or…

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