Joyful Gems

This message touched my heart . I wanted to share it with you all. Jesus restores all that has been lost to us. Below are my comments . I pray someone else is healed today

much love Tom

When I receive a post from someone if for some reason I cannot read it right then I will keep it until I can read it. This post was almost a urgency for me to read when it first came to me. I knew then and understand that more having read the story. You see everyone one wants to be healed. Some don’t know that’s what they want just yet. All are hurting and some live in denial of that hurt. Yet Jesus came that we would have life more abundantly, a fullness in Him. Tonight as I read your story I was taken back to my own days as a youth staying in the same pine sented woods at the same age only in Arkansas. Doing the same things as you. Then my life changed and a series of stolen moments begin to occur. My life remained broken for many many years, until Jesus came into my heart and healed me. Today I still experience heartache and pain. The difference is I have Jesus there with me all the way. Here I find joy and peace unexplainable. Yet is well with my soul. Tonight I experienced more healing because I read this story and did not delete it. Thank you Kristen. Thank you Jesus.

Much love Tom

Healing Thoughts Blog

When I first came for inner healing at the Healing Ministry, I couldn’t remember much about my childhood. Over the years, my mind had gotten very skilled at protecting me. My mind had built defense mechanisms to keep me safe from the onslaught of painful memories that threatened to overwhelm me daily. Those defense mechanisms had become so strong that I not only couldn’t remember the painful memories, but my joyful memories were blocked as well.

However, we have an amazingly awesome God Who does much more than we could ever hope or imagine. As He healed my memories of those painful times, He blessed me with the return of joyful memories. He revealed to me the buried treasure, my joyful memories, that had been hidden under the pounds of destructive rubble of those painful memories. I began to eagerly sift through that painful rubble in search of those joyful…

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