He Never Cast Out

“The one that comes to Me I will by no means cast out.”

John 6:37

Is there any instance of our Lord casting out a coming one? There has been none,and there never will be. Among the lost souls in hell,there is not one that can say, “I went to Jesus and He refused me.”

Suppose we go to Jesus now about the evils of today. Of this we may be sure – He will not refuse us audience; He will not shut the door of His grace in the face of any one of us.

He receives sinners, He turns away none. We come to him in weakness and sin, with trembling faith,small knowledge,and slender hope: but He does not cast us out. We come by prayer and that prayer broken; with confusion,and that confession faulty; with praise,and that praise far short of His merits; but yet He receives us. Let us come again today to Him who never casts us out.

Borrowed from Faith’s Checkbook Brother Charles Spurgeon

In the world there are many opportunities for us to be confused. Many are being persecuted for their faith and some will die today because they call upon the name of Jesus. Others don’t even know or even recognize Jesus as the only way to God and eternal life. They feel like He was just a good man .

Even more are writing their own ticket to heaven by rewriting the bible to say what they want it to say. In doing so find themselves not fitting in with a large portion of the population today. Everywhere there is division of mankind. All are defending their way as the right way. It is my opinion that God does not need defending nor His Holy word. It has stood against hell and all man has ever been able to throw at it. God has already set into motion a plan not to divide mankind but to unite and restore mankind to Him in an eternal relationship that will never die.

Today it is a sure thing that if you have questions and no answers or are confused about your life; then take these issues to Jesus He has the answers and in no way will ever cast you out. Jesus loves you this I know.

All my Love Tom


    1. I an chuckling with tears in my eyes at the tender moments and things we have shared today.

      Joy to you Susan


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