A Shield and Protector

I wanted to write a short post on issues we face in the world to-day that daily that bring us down or cause us to lose focus on who we serve and who we are as Christians. I want to encourage us to say strong and persevere .  I want to be clear it is not my endeavor to judge anyone or single any particular group of people out that have views different from my own. If you feel like this post applies to you then I pray it is a blessing to you. As you look around today you may see other folks living life with out  a care in the world. Doing things you feel are not Godly or Christ centered. You pick your paper up and read of world-wide war and  devastation everywhere. Whole nations hungry and committing crimes against mankind and God.

You turn the TV on and there is nothing entertaining on unless you like unrealistic reality shows and talk shows that encourage  focus on self and weight loss or something to do with making you a so-called better person. Shows filled with murder ,rape and lies and adultery, sex runs amuck and all shows are focused on it. Every perversion you can think of. All are made to shock us into wanting more and more is what you get. Only that  will never be enough. Until we are totally desensitized from,HONEST AND TRUE LIVING.

You just want to give up. Nothing makes any sense  and even some churches are so programmed and self-serving that it no longer seems any point in attending, especially  if we are going just for ourselves. It looks like evil has set down somewhere and is plotting to overtake all Christianity as we long for and have conditioned ourselves to believe it should be.

Folks rest assure of this one thing. Evil will never conquer what God has put in place. I didn’t say that God did. Though all around you people plot evil it is to no avail. They will always fail and never accomplish what they have set out to do. God hates evil and sin. Notice I said God hates sin. He doesn’t hate you or me He hates the sin. It separates us from him. The old devil would love it if you believed God hated you and was going to give up on you. Well God wont and isn’t giving up on us .

God said the earth is His footstool and heaven is His throne. He has his eye and hand upon us and nothing goes unnoticed. The gates of hell nor mankind’s evil plots will ever prevail against him or His people. God said it and will deliver and does every single day. If God removed His hand from us then evil would envelop us. There would be no hope. So when you get down or feel like its too much. Go to God and draw close to Him. As a matter of fact began today to have a closer relationship with God in effectual fervent prayer. Stir up the flames of the Holy Spirit and reclaim the birth right you have as a child of God and a priest of the most high. God has an ear tuned to us speak to him and rejoice in all the blessings and love that pours forth from His throne to us. Know that God is for us not against us.


God will return one day to bring us home and then we will have peace and joy fully in him my dear friends. Until then remember God is with you and will never leave you nor forsake you. He has plans to prosper you in the gospel and peace and joy He freely gives.


All my Love Tom


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