Who Will Help

Isaiah 50:7

Because the Sovereign Lord helps me,

I will not be disgraced.

Therefore,I have set my face like a stone,

determined to do His will.

And I know I will not be put to shame.

If God is helping us then who is able to hinder us? None all though they try. As children of God we have all of God’s blessings if we obey His word. Why would we want half a blessing by just obeying part of his word? The message today is not about if we do this we get that from God. It is about His faithful promise to go ahead of us always providing and making a way for us. No greater love than the love of our heavenly Father who is our help.

If today you are struggling somewhere in your relationship with God. I would ask you to turn your heart back to Jesus and allow him to help. If today you have family that has needs then allow Jesus to help. No matter what your situation ,no matter what your need, call on God today for He is your help.

Praise God today and thank Him for His mercies endure forever and are new each morning. Praise Him for the many blessings that are yours that belong to God. Praise and thank Him today for He has redeemed us and bought us with His own life. Thank God that He has provided eternity for us that allow Him To be Lord over our life’s.

Come to Him as you are, Come to him broken and bruised , Come clean or not,with sin or not. Come to Jesus all that desire to be made whole and seek joy. Jesus will Help.

Much Love Tom

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