Do you See Jesus?



How many times have you asked the question, how am I going to get this done? What am I going to do? How long will this go on? Will they live? Does anyone care. How many times have you cried yourself to sleep. Wondered if you were going to continue to slip further into depression and hopelessness.

I would have to say most of us have either thought or asked some of these questions. Life does not have any discretion as to who it will effect. Losing a loved one. Divorce, addiction,poverty,anger and fear. Life brings it all at some point. It does not matter weather you have a relationship with Christ or if you don’t. It dose not matter if you are financially well off or poor.It does not matter  what race you are. Black, Caucasian,Asian, Italian, Mexican. Life is going to bring good times and bad times.

We don’t really get to bothered about the good times life brings. It is the bad and difficult times that bother us and bring conflict and pain into our life. What to do?  To be frank with you if I told some of the folks that will read this post you need to turn your heart to Jesus they would not be abel to relate. You see they have never met Jesus. These folks don’t know what he looks like or even have any ideal what he can and will do for them. The fact is most Christians don’t know him either or have the type of relationship with him that when life comes like a storm they automatically turn to him. Instead they wonder around tore up and confused until they finally realize they can’t handel this then they turn to Jesus. Thats good that they do. Jesus welcome us and wants us to turn to him always.

However it would be of greater value to us and everyone around us if our immediate reaction to turmoil in our live is to turn to Jesus instead. How many folks that are struggling out in the world today were to see a Christian facing adversity and strife acknowledge and turn to Jesus  instead of going off the deep end and then saying to the world hey I am just human and God is there for me to catch me. You are right He is and will sometimes not always.

I believe God when he said we are the salt of the world and a light to the lost. Greater is he that is in me than in the world. Oh the truth is we will fail. We will make mistakes. We are a mess and not one of us is without sin and have evil hearts by birth. The wonderful part is Jesus has redeemed us. His grace will sustain us and His love is ever lasting.

Then I have to ask myself why do folks not spend more time in the bible and in prayer getting to know him and developing a relationship with him? Not the quick on the fly prayers or the read a devotional prayer or the read this blog Jesus moment. No I am talking about quality time  in a quite place with our bible’s and no distractions,phones,Facebook,text, friends, family nada! just Jesus and us. Why not Jesus first then life. This is normal and the way it is suppose to be. Folks I am not preaching here. I am sharing my heart. I guarantee  you that fervent prayer from a righteous individual will prevail over everything. It is scriptural. Why go on living a Sunday morning church service I got it done life. God through a deep prayer life and the bible will cause us to do mighty things to his glory. This is what we were created for and nothing else will ever fulfill our life on earth.

Do you have lost family ,friends or loved ones. Is there a prison or widow or orphan or fatherless child near you. Does that guy need help over there. Through a deep prayer life and the bible God will bring these things about in your life. This gives meaning to our life’s and makes us fill good about ourselves. Places some value on us other than serving just ourselves. Today God is calling someone who will read this. I didn’t write it for me. Please be obedient to His voice and dedicate yourself to a deeper more fervent prayer life and bible reading plan. Get to Know yourself. God wants you to find the real you and be full of the joy in doing so. Lets let change in our life start today and let a lost and dying world find Jesus.



  1. Dear Tom, as I read these words – the words of another came to mind: as soon as you are ready He will bring them to you. It struck me how often we see an interruption rather than some He brings to us. An interruption to my day and my schedule and my time and my work and “my work for Him”. How often, I wonder, has He “brought someone” to my door – and I have shooed them away?

    If I really am indwelt – how often do I tell Him who He can and cannot bring to me?

    Thank you for these words.


  2. Kindred Spirits brother. Yes It is said to say we are all guilty of that episode. You know if we see that and ask that question. Then we must care. I wonder if it is enough to care and thats all. I chuckle at that word wonder. It brings to mind the word in your blog questions. We have quite a few unanswered questions don’t we. I know as I have gotten older I seek God and run after him harder. Like I am trying to make up for lost time. Then I stop and rest and say ok Lord I can’t do it. He said rest I will if you will let me use you and rest in you. I love the Lord so much more these days. I am because of him getting to know him better than ever. I love what I see. No fear no worries just him,me and you. Blessings to the Grace family. We set Kelly’s monument last week finally. It was another step down that journey home. I will post a image of it on here. Stay faithful and stay strong Paul. God called us to it and he will take us through it.

    All my love Tom


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