Cry Out! Lord have Mercy

Mark 10:47King James Version (KJV)

47 And when he heard that it was Jesus of Nazareth, he began to cry out, and say, Jesus, thou son of David, have mercy on me.

Today call on Jesus. Now is the time, do not wait another moment. It does not matter what you have done or how you feel about your situation. What matters is that you call out to the Lord in faith. Believe that he hears you and will answer you. Have faith that Jesus is able to deliver you up into salvation and freedom from your burdens and sin. It matters not if you are lost and know Him not or saved and all else has failed. Call on Jesus, do not wait a moment longer. Your answer is but a breath away. Do not turn you ear or heart away, Jesus will hear you and receive you now, this moment as you read these words.

The man above had been blind many years no doubt. In his days blindness was looked upon as a curse because of a life of sin. Of course this was not true. Others discouraged him, satan discouraged him from reaching out to Jesus. He had no hope, except Jesus.

Jesus was on his way to Jerusalem to die upon the cross for this man and all the world. He would be spit upon cursed ,whipped and ultimately nailed to the cross that this man would live eternally, along with anyone else that would call upon the name of Jesus to heal them,save them, deliver them, strengthen them, restore them. Listen you get the idea. There is absolutely nothing in your life today big deal or not that Jesus does not care about and died for.

This man knew Jesus was close by. So although others discouraged him and tried to quite him. He called out. Not just once but over and over and when others tried to stop him he called even louder,until the Master (Jesus) heard him and turned and said “Tell him to come here”. Whoever you are reading this, understand, Jesus will hear you. Jesus cares I’m begging you call on Him. You must know this man was healed and he followed Jesus.

It is not a question as to wether Jesus will save you and me from our sins. Or will he deliver us from our iniquities ,or will he break us free from the bondage of guilt, lying ,gossiping ,lust, overeating, offended hearts. It makes no difference to God what you have done or need. All that matters is will you call on the name of Jesus for your answer.

As this story goes in the bible book of Mark chapter 10:46-52 Jesus is on his way to pay the price for all of mankind’s sin and need. Will we call to in boldness and faith.Master I have need of you. Don’t allow pride or an offended heart or self righteousness or some deceitful lie someone told or satan is whispering in your ear to persuade you to hesitate a moment longer. Jesus cares and is waiting for us to call out! I have a need Master, I have a need.

In closing my precious brothers and sisters in Christ and those that are reading this that are trying to make the decision to call out to Jesus. Know this Jesus died that all of us would be restored to him. Yes all mankind, every color creed and sex. Broken and bruised, confused and lost. Jesus and the story of the bible is one big love story that all mankind would be restored to God. Call out today, He is waiting.

All my Love Tom

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  1. “And throwing off his cloak, he sprang up and came to Jesus.” He had such faith, this lowly beggar, as soon as he heard Jesus’ call, he left behind his only possession he sprang to his feet and ran to his Lord. Bartimaeus didn’t need to ponder or weigh his decision; he called out immediately and flew into the arms of his Savior, begging for mercy, knowing with certainty it would be there.

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