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Jesus is Alive and coming back

One Day!

In The Clouds On A White Horse From The East

As I was reading in the  bible book of Mark, I had a very real image of the suffering and price that Jesus paid on his way to the cross. As well as his willingness to complete the journey he had before him for all mankind. This morning I would like to share with whoever reads this post a word of hope and encouragement.

It is my sincere prayer that your hearts would be willing to hear the calling of God as he is calling you to come home to him. To allow him to  place love and peace in your life. It is only through humility we will find love and peace for our life’s.

I wont try to tell the bible story to you today, instead I want to give you hope and encouragement. To talk with you about how Jesus had to experience all the anxieties and uncertainties We do today, when we go through our day.

Jesus had  people he was depending on to be there for him abandon him and deny they knew him. He was betrayed by people he had depended on.  They where not even there for him when he needed them the most. It sounds a lot like my own life.

What does that mean to me and you. Maybe you have never heard of Jesus or know nothing about him. Maybe you have been going to church a long time and still don’t really know him. Is it possible someone has offended you or hurt you in some way and you have made an unconscious decision to turn away from Jesus even though he is calling you today. Given up all hope, don’t know how to find your way. Your environment you live in is a mess and so destructive you feel like you could never invite Jesus into your heart today.

We are coming up on a day where Christians remember the crucifixion of Jesus and his resurrection from the grave. If you have never been saved or you go to church and still don’t understand Jesus’s death and resurrection from the grave. I want to let you know that it’s ok. As you grow in your relationship with God and seek theses answers he will reveal them to you. Believe it or not there are a lot of folks that don’t understand it . How or why Jesus would die on the cross for me and you. Much less come alive and rise up out of the grave. 

Before I lose some of you with my rambling, I want to tell you what you need to know now today. This risen Jesus is real. He is really alive today and is in heaven setting beside his Father. He really did make a way for you and me to have peace on the earth today in spite of our troubles. He has really sent his Holy Spirit to  guide us and show us the truth about life. God has sent his beloved son Jesus to die on the cross for  every man woman and child on this earth today. That we would be restored to him and spend eternity with him. Our job is to listen and hear him when he calls. He will do the rest.

Please allow me to pray with you in closing.

Father it is not me that does the work or receives the glory. It is you that lives in me that does the work. So I ask you to speak to the hearts and minds of the ones across the world that will read this today. That they would hear you as you call them. Father that they would trust you to keep all the issues they have in life until you have exchanged them for peace and love in their life’s Reveal yourself to us and your great love for us. In Jesus name I pray.


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