This will speak to you that are struggling. This is a blessed post. Freedom exist for all of us.


Healing Thoughts Blog

A while back. I found myself at a not-so-healthy place. I was increasingly becoming aware of the junk I had in my life that needed to be trashed once and for all. My eyes were being opened to the spiritual bondage I needed to be delivered from, though I didn’t even remotely know how to get there. I found myself in a constant battle with self-control and indulgence that kept leaking into every other area of my life.

Eventually, I confided in a friend who had recently experienced breakthrough in her own life. After I was done confessing all the spiritual strongholds I couldn’t get rid of, she looked at me in the eyes as she boldly spoke out “Janae, if you really want it, you’ll get it.”

And that was that. It was the vaguest, not-so-nurturing, easy offense taking statement that cut straight to my core.  She was saying…

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