Hearing the voice of God

This really spoke to me so I wanted to share with some of my readers that might not read Paul Grace or Don Merritt’s blogs. Both God chasers in their own right. Go take a look at their blog if you haven’t https://churchsetfree.wordpress.com So often I do get in God’s way. I hope it touches you the way it did me.

Just me being curious

Last night I sat in a church and was asked to “get inside the skin” of those Jesus came to following His resurrection. John 20 – 21 were the verses.

Verses I know better than I would usually. Because John 21:1-18 are the verses for this coming Sunday’s service – the service and sermon He has been preparing me for.

And I found out something more last night. That “getting inside the skin” of the dusty peeps is a wonderful way to read the bible. It is a wonderful way to share the bible. But it comes with the same opportunities to “not get it” as any other way.

That we can still be so busy “getting inside their skins” we end up defending our preferred interpretation against others’ preferences. I found that it is simply a variant of having a “verse off” – a “slice and dice” – a “drive-by…

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