The Cup


Will we drink from the same cup that Jesus drank from? Today God is calling us to become like him. If we are to do so and succeed then we to must drink from the same cup that Christ did. Our walk and life will be one, just like his only with our own experiences and failures. We will be perplexed and struck down. Discouraged at times. Offended and persecuted by many people who don’t want us to succeed. Some will be very close to us.

The good part of that is we will become leaders who bring many to Christ and give hope to the world. In order to do so we will have to become like Christ. We will have to manifest Christ Jesus to others. This is what they must see. Our work as mature Christians and leaders is an eternal work. That will be there for eternity. Focus on eternity.

For two long we have found fault with others and found more ways to criticize and complain, when we should be dying to self and our old ways and interceding and praying for these folks. To become a leader for Jesus and reach the lost we must grow up into an image of Christ. Encourage and lift others up. Instead of spending time being offended and trying to impress one another with what we know. Grow-up into fullness in Christ. Have a forgiving heart. Place hope into each others hearts and minds.

Folks what we want and need is a love for each other and all mankind that will intercede in prayer for one another, stand in the gap for one another, offer hope for one another, give all we own and have for one another in order that all of us would be like Christ.

The jobs we do, Pastors,teachers,writers,worship leaderships,carpenters,factory workers they are just what we do. Not who we should be, just a title. What should define every Christian is are they like Jesus. God tells us we must become as Jesus is and we will drink from his cup if we serve him.

Why spend time wondering why we failed with this program or this message we gave or what can we start now to reach others if we are not willing to grow up into the image of Christ. I got news for us all ,it will not succeed unless Jesus is in it no matter how much we try. We have a great need today and so many Christians are being broken to pieces by it. The problem is they don’t realize  what that need is or what it is that’s breaking them to pieces.

We will either stumble over those rocks and become broken and in need or we will be scattered like dust. Which is it going to be in our life today. Will we drink that cup and grown into fullness of Christ or will we continue to ignore our need.

In closing I would like to say that I am speaking to leaders that might read this. As well as Christians that truly are desiring to do the kingdoms work. I realize that this will not apply to some who read it. However it should touch some of our hearts. Given in love for all of us. Be encouraged God see’s us and loves us and will make a way for those that want to take up their cross daily and follow him. Below are some notes I took for my personal need for Christ. Just my observation of myself and confession of where I desire to grow and the need I have and desires I want to come to fullness in me.I wanted to share them with you in hopes they might cause you to take a closer look at your own walk. I love all of God’s people or let me say it is my intent to. So  this is offered in that spirit and I pray you receive it as such. Please if you read the scriptures in Corinthians chapter 4 please ask the Holy Spirit to reveal these words all of them to you.

  1. Leadership is a call to die to self and the world for Christ.
  2. Can I really drink from the same cup that Jesus did
  3. If you follow Christ you will drink from His cup
  4. If I am desiring be first in the kingdom of God. I have to come to true servant hood first.I will be a slave,bond servant for others. Bought and paid for by the blood of Jesus.
  5. If I drink the cup Jesus did then, I will become like Him.
  6. Christlike = laying my life down going the extra mile, to give my self as a ransom for many.
  7. I rebuke the spirit of self-pity from myself. Whatever Christ is bringing to me or I am experience will grow me into the image of Christ.
  8. I must come to Christ to succeed in becoming Christlike
  9. 2: Corinthians 4  (PLEASE READ)
  10. As Christ died and the apostles died and others before me. I must die also.
  11. Everyone who lives for Christ will be persecuted. They will either intercede and pray or they will fall away from Christ.
  12. Don’t allow folks to set the standard of life for Christ I will live. Let me respond with love grace and tender mercy, forgiving others and praying for them.
  13. The life of Jesus manifested in my mortal flesh, is what it should be.
  14. Leadership is a call to die.
  15. Someone is looking at our life, how we respond, What we will do. Will directly affect what they do and become.

Father I ask you to open our hearts and minds to receive your word. Teach us Lord to learn from you always. Come Holy Spirit and visit us were ever we re at. We desire to be like you Lord and reach the lost and offer hope and we realize we cannot do it without you living in us and through us. Bless each person that reads this and let your face shine upon them


Much Love Tom



  1. Tom, this was just what I needed to read tonight. It has been a hard week for me and #7 really hit home. I know that He is using all circumstances to teach me, mold me, and make me more like Him. Sometimes I just need to be reminded of that. Thank you so much for this timely post! Blessings to you 😊

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    1. Knowing our need is the beginning of becoming like him Julie. Such a peaceful place to be. My prayer is that We would all grow into fullness in Christ. I am glad you are seeking to be more like Jesus.

      Much love to you Julie

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  2. that is such a good word bub…oh to be like Jesus. requires much but so worth it…very encouraging and thought provoking, thank you for your wisdom and allowing God to use you in the “written word”….love you so much…

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    1. Thank you my sweet sister. Are family had always encouraged one another. Such a blessing.

      Love you


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