First since it is Fathers day  I would like to wish all the dad’s happy fathers day.

I want to begin by saying the neat thing for Tom about having a blog is that I can pretty much right whatever darn well please’s me and if someone does not want to read it then no skin off my back. Some would say hey then why write. Folks news flash some folks actually write just to get things off their chest and if someone reads it and likes it wonderful warm fussy feelings.

To me this is a part of my reality. I realize after the years I have been writing my blog that I will never have a zillion followers. No worries. Now to the nuts and bolts of this STORY.

Folks if you don’t get anything get this. I am straight forward and don’t beat around the bush. I believe it leaves less to sift through. Know that I truly love all the human race,that I do my best to try to improve it and God in turn does his best to keep me from it. You see its his job not mine. I do not believe God appreciates me trying to change the world. Unless he is doing it through me and I have gotten out-of-the-way.

I think some times its good to clear the air some. This gives everyone the chance to settle down be forgiven and start fresh. Levels the playing field if you will. Course their will always be those who don’t want to start over. I call it pride. I don’t need to start over. Nothing in my heart or soul that’s messed up. Ha by that admission we are proven guilty.

I see folks write about love of God all the time with perfectly good intent, yet sometimes it’s if though they got a club in their hands and are beating you to death with it. Its like love like I do or you got it all wrong. Hey don’t bash this people group or you don’t love. Don’t do this ,don’t do that. Here let me show you how to love…

I don’t know about you but I just turn the page. How can you respond to that. For me I know I am broken and a mess. I am truly trying to get out of God’s way each day and be real and a blessing to someone. Does this mean I will lay down my core values and beliefs so that the world around me  can run me over and tell me how I should live. Ain’t going to happen. You see I am doing my best to come out of the world and be different. I repeat, I am not interested in what the world believes. Only what the Holy Spirit is writing and saying is where I have and will continue to try to cast my lot.

A major issue for me by my own admission is offence and being offended. Satan knows right where to come at me. Man it hurts to when it happens. Down right painful for sure. I can feel his nasty hand pushing me further down and causing me to be separated from my brothers and sisters in Christ and the lost and sick of the world. The ones I need to share this blessed hope Jesus has given to me. How will I ever do that if I am offended by everything you folks say or I read somewhere. Or when I feel like someone has attacked me.

There is an old saying if you are going to be a christian you better get skin like a rhino, you’re going to need it. You will be offended and offend others. We are broken and incomplete. We are living on a fallen world. If others don’t want to except your story why get so upset about it. Maybe its a hard story your telling. God does not call the weak or timid to tell his story but those that will tell it. Don’t expect everyone to roll over and love you for it. Its your story. Bathe it in prayer and leave it up to the Holy Spirit or some one else to water it for you. We all have a part in reaching the world for Jesus and I got news for you he is not going to remove the weeds from the wheat. That is  the part that keeps us from be so religious and makes us grow up.

I could write on this subject of offence forever it is truly a deep and much-needed topic. In closing I would like to say to you folks that read this. I have not arrived yet to perfection nor do I have all the answers. I will say though being offended at others especially other christians will only cause division in the FAMILY OF GOD. It will cause us to be bitter and lose hope it will destroy our faith and push us back into darkness. To me that does not sound like what Jesus would want for us. It sounds more like satan and his tricks.

I love you all and God loves you to. Let us be peace makers and love each other and encourage one another that the world would know we are one in Jesus and he is real.



Much love Tom



  1. “For me I know I am broken and a mess. I am truly trying to get out of God’s way each day and be real and a blessing to someone.”
    Oh, Tom, I love you so for being real. And I feel the same way.

    It’s funny – I never check or worry about my “stats.” I simply say what’s on my heart, what the Spirit moves me to say. I don’t write on a schedule. And I know there are folks who will disagree with some of my posts. But if I move someone, if I change one heart, if I have, as God’s servant, made way for someone to find the heart of Jesus, then I have accomplished what He has asked me to do.

    You have filled my heart and brought me to tears with your words this morning. We are connected through Him in so very many ways. ❤

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  2. Now that will preach Susan. More than we are disconnected.The most important one is the price that was paid for all mankind. You keep writing and loving on anyone you can. When you get tired I will hold your arms up for you. Love and appreciate you so very much.

    Joy to you


  3. This is sooo good, Tom!!! Our church did a wonderful bible study a year or so ago called “The Bait of Satan” and it focused on how easily we get offended, and how we are supposed to forgive and show grace. It was probably the most powerful Bible Study we’ve ever done. Something stuck with me- the author said that if we don’t risk being hurt (or offended) then we can’t love unconditionally. Unconditional love gives others the right to hurt us. Jesus paid it ALL for us…the most amazing sacrifice of love. I am so thankful for His grace in my life! Thanks for sharing this, Tom!

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    1. I have read the book and have it Julie. I was so pleased with the clarity it brought me. I am always having to remind myself of this. If you have a mind to, there is a author and pastor by the name of Francis Frangipane. He has some powerful life changing books putt on this topic. The church needs unity more than anything these days. It was one of the last prayers Jesus had with his disciples Julie. We are praying and waiting on the Lord to unite our churches in our community. We b just finished up a concert and prayer in the park event in our community. God had laid it on my heart and a couple of pastors.Happy father’s day to your hubby.

      Much love Tom

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      1. I haven’t heard of Frangipane….I will definitely look him up! The Bait of Satan also has a Dvd set that goes along with it…his sermons were absolutely amazing…and very convicting! That is wonderful that you had a community concert and prayer time!! And unity is a MUST! We are praying the same thing here in good ole’ VA! Blessings to you!!

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    2. Julie I read your comment again and just overflowed with joy at having the discernment to know that we have to get in the water to get wet. Your comment above is so life changing. So happy for you and your church.


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  4. Dear Tom,
    This is vintage Tom! You from beginning to end. Real, honest, raw and insistent that we hear the most important point of all. Thank you for shining your light right here in the blogosphere. You have encouraged me so many times. I want to encourage you, too–especially when you may find yourself feeling offended! God loves you just the way you are. And carries your load for you when the way grows weary.


  5. Thank you Elouise. I appreciate your encouragement.. I do get offended sometimes. Not a attribute Jesus had. My main purpose was that myself and others take notice of the dangers of being offended. Being aware of the enemy using that to keep us down. For the most part. I have no enemy that follows my blog. Although a few do ruffle my feathers hahaha. As I’m sure I do theirs also. However as Proverbs says Iron sharpens iron.
    Since I am here writing, let me say how humbled I am when I think of all you precious folks. I am so over flowing with joy about what God is doing in our life’s. I appreciate all of you so much. I do have a few favorites though, that really touch my heart. You are one of them Elouise. I was drawed to that tree on your site the first time I seen it and could not wait to see what you would say next.
    I want to add Paul Grace and Susan, Julie, Mark, Ruth, Wally, Cate, Dale, Paula, Walter and so many more. All have Blessed my life. Sometimes you just have to keep it real. Like all of you are.
    I love you so though I have never seen you or heard your voice. We share the same Spirit. Truly amazing Grace.

    Much love Tom


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