Coming Home

I hear the voice of the Spirit calling us home, to Jesus. The sovereign Lord desires that we would rest in him and partake of him. Jesus has ,will and is doing all that the Father wills . My sheep know my name and here my voice when I call. I call my people to pray and to intercede for the world. Those that are mine can hear my voice and obey. It is not by flesh but by the Spirit say’s the Lord. We have no power to bind, lose, heal or restore except what the Spirit gives. We know not what to pray for so we ask the Holy Spirit what to pray for.

Yet our sin separates us from the Spirit of God.(Pride) If we say we have none then our admission of that validates we do. God opposes the prideful.We run to and fro, discussing, contemplating and struggling to find what it is we should do and seeking answers to questions that go unanswered. Our hearts are restless and heavy with burden of our own sins and those of the world. Our minds are in turmoil with the injustices and we wage war on each other and those around us. We preach, teach and proclaim the gospel laced in accusations covered in our own pain and judgment on all we can spew it forth on.

Not a very pretty picture but not far from the truth for many saved and lost. We have no burden for the lost and dying world and wear the badge of Christianity on our chest like we were appointed to go and condemn all those around us that do not measure up to what we believe. When the very act of saying it condemns ourselves. Let those without sin cast the first stone. We are so caught up in fixing the world and those around us. For Tom there is only one and that is me. I need to grow into a image of Christ in all ways. In order that I might be a useful vessel for the Lord to use.

I desperately need rest. My burdens have become to heavy. I don’t have the answers to the problems of the world. I cannot even fix myself and I have sin in my life as well. I have need today of the Lord. I need to be in a place that is still and full of love. I need hope and my faith restored. I need courage that I might stand tomorrow. Boldness to proclaim the gospel to the lost and encourage my brother and sister in Christ. (Could this be you?)

I need wisdom to understand God’s Holy word and clarity that I might see the things and understand the things I do not. I need a heart for the lost of the world today those that our surrounded by darkness and despair that their world is so without light, that Jesus would send someone to light the way for them. That they would be fed, clothed and healed spiritually,physically and mentally and most importantly that their hearts would be mended. (Could this be you?)

Today there are hurting people all over, not just the immigrants and the blacks or certain people groups. How could Jesus ever choose which one to help and love. I believe Jesus would help and love them all. All people are hurting and in need of love. Even the misguided and the hateful and our enemies.

There is only one way that I know that I can change my world and answer the call on my heart. Its the same call all Christians answered when you first heard Jesus say come to me and we obeyed. That is to answer the call of the Holy Spirit to come. God has not changed today. His plan has and will always remain the same. To restore mankind into the fullness in him. So that we would become as him,in him as one. In Christ is the only way we can reach each other and the world.

I cannot do anything but surrender to Him. Trust in Him. Have faith in Him. Place my hope in Him. Jesus will do the rest. Folks God never made it difficult for us. He did all the work ahead of time. Today He is still calling us to come home to him. Find rest for our weary souls and be a conduct He can flow through. He does not have to use us. It was His plan. We didn’t call Him He called us. He does not need us we need Him.

Just my two sense. I pray you find love, peace and rest in my writing. That you are pointed back to Jesus for all things,if you have lost your way.

Most of all Jesus loves us, really does love us. Can you hear him calling you to come home and find rest. Try it,you might find that Jesus has it all under control.


Much Love Tom


  1. Today was a time of obedience and listening. It is good to draw closer and hear the Spirits voice. I am glad it spoke to you Susan. I pray that you rest in the lord tonight and all your days. He sees you and cares about your concerns. In Daniel 10:12 the Lord said I have heard your prayers. He sees you and hears yours dear Susan.

    Lifting you up


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