Steadfast & Christlike Being Perfected


I admonish all christians that call themselves saved to remember that Jesus loves us and see’s us at all times. We are not mistakes brought here to this earth because someone or our parents had sex and we were born. Not one child conceived is a mistake. God knew all these things and will use all things in order to perfect his saints. He has not called us to set on pews and just be saved. No that is not enough. He has called us to make disciples and to be in fellowship with him.

Jesus desires that we would be filled up inside and outside with Him. Our bodies  belong to him by the way. Filled up with Jesus so much that the only thing that possibly could come out would be him, in any circumstance. That means when someone offends us or does something bad to us, or is unpleasant or takes our seat in church lol or doesn’t look and act like us. We act like Jesus. Can you just see the agape love of God in this. God doing this through us not us doing it through us.

Can you just imagine what it is like to be filled with the spirit of God to a point that he is the one doing and saying all things in our daily walk. I don’t know about you but that leaves this old man breathless.

Here is the kicker some christians are still waiting for that to happen. News flash his kingdom has already come and is alive and well in you if you if are saved. and call yourself a christian. God will do these things through us if we allow him to be manifested through us and to the world. God wants to reach your families friends and the lost in this world through us. We are the real deal if we will just allow as my old friend Paul Grace  likes to say. So when your life gets tough or you are just going to church setting on the pew and wondering why God is not using you.

Maybe its time to yield to Jesus.Folks there is absolutely no one in this world that loves you and has your best insert in mind more that Jesus. So please read the commentary below and know that me and Jesus want you to live a life filled with joy and peace.

Much Love Tom

Hebrews 12:1-11. The persevering obedience of faith in Christ, was the race set before the Hebrews, wherein they must either win the crown of glory, or have everlasting misery for their portion; and it is set before us. By the sin that does so easily beset us, understand that sin to which we are most prone, or to which we are most exposed, from habit, age, or circumstances. This is a most important exhortation; for while a man’s darling sin, be it what it will, remains unsubdued, it will hinder him from running the Christian race, as it takes from him every motive for running, and gives power to every discouragement. When weary and faint in their minds, let them recollect that the holy Jesus suffered, to save them from eternal misery. By stedfastly looking to Jesus, their thoughts would strengthen holy affections, and keep under their carnal desires. Let us then frequently consider him. What are our little trials to his agonies, or even to our deserts? What are they to the sufferings of many others? There is a proneness in believers to grow weary, and to faint under trials and afflictions; this is from the imperfection of grace and the remains of corruption. Christians should not faint under their trials. Though their enemies and persecutors may be instruments to inflict sufferings, yet they are Divine chastisements; their heavenly Father has his hand in all, and his wise end to answer by all. They must not make light of afflictions, and be without feeling under them, for they are the hand and rod of God, and are his rebukes for sin. They must not despond and sink under trials, nor fret and repine, but bear up with faith and patience. God may let others alone in their sins, but he will correct sin in his own children. In this he acts as becomes a father. Our earthly parents sometimes may chasten us, to gratify their passion, rather than to reform our manners. But the Father of our souls never willingly grieves nor afflicts his children. It is always for our profit. Our whole life here is a state of childhood, and imperfect as to spiritual things; therefore we must submit to the discipline of such a state. When we come to a perfect state, we shall be fully reconciled to all God’s chastisement of us now. God’s correction is not condemnation; the chastening may be borne with patience, and greatly promote holiness. Let us then learn to consider the afflictions brought on us by the malice of men, as corrections sent by our wise and gracious Father, for our spiritual good.


  1. “News flash his kingdom has already come and is alive and well in you if you if are saved. and call yourself a christian.”

    Love this. Beautiful post, Tom – and “wow” at the mention! Thank you.

    Over here I keep hearing this phrase “kingdom work” and all too often see it heard as “we are working for the kingdom to come”. Which must mean it isn’t here already. Which means … cue Tom Caton.


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  2. Excellent reminder, Tom. Sometimes, I forget and get caught up in things I shouldn’t – react to circumstances instead of allowing the Spirit to overtake me.

    Thank you for this beautiful reminder that when I submit to the Spirit, I see from love, I think from love and my words come from love.

    Blessings to you. ❤

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    1. I tell you Susan the more I can Look in the mirror and truly see what God wants me to see them walk away and keep it,gaurd it the better of me and the world around me is. Then God is glorified and I have worshipped him. I will be praying for you and me. Please lift me up that I will always remain in God’s Presence.

      Much love my precious sister in Christ


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