Who are We following?

I am compelled  to write this article today because I sence that if I am not careful I will end up following man or woman instead of God. So now you know what I will write about. Please hear me out.

One of the many things I have learned  in the blogging world is folks like followers. Numbers matter to them. Many have written articles about whether they are seeking followers or they are just blogging. All have something to say some blogs are worth reading for some for others they pass it up if it does not line up with what they are seeking or their thinking.

Most of what I read are opinions and ideas. Some are facts, few are based on knowledge. Most are looking for followers to validate that they are intelligent and worthy. Most will leave you with a good laugh some worthwhile information and something to think about. Some are very dangerous to be reading for the innocent or those not grounded in true knowledge.

Reading blogs is fun relaxing and informative to me. There are some downright smart folks out there. So for me, I like to write occasionally as time allows and read some of the blogs. Most of the ones I follow have good hearts and well intended Ideas and advice. However sometimes some will go off into their agenda and opinions  and ideas of the way things should be. My dad use to say ” Son everyone has an opinion if you don’t believe that ask them they will share it with you. Just don’t believe everything you hear. ” Dad was a wise man God rest his soul.

Did that statement make me any wiser? No I am afraid not. It would be years later before, I would began to find wisdom. Occasionally I will lose it. Great thing is all I have to do is repent and realize I made a mistake and immediately I am wise again.

Which brings me to my point. Should we not seek Godly knowledge today above all things. The greatest minds and thinkers of our times. Some atheist and doubters of God. In the end of their quest for knowledge found God. If we search the universe we will find God. All creation reveals God. God himself gave us his knowledge through his son Jesus by his death and resurrection on the cross. Today we have the Holy Spirit of God living within us and the opportunity to receive him if we don’t know God and the choice to be restored to him if we are away from him simply by asking.

All that the Son knows the Father told him and The Son reveals it to us through the Holy Spirit. This my friends and brothers and sisters in Christ is true knowledge.

Every word of God’s brings life and knowledge to us. God speaks to us, through our minds and his creation and word. God lives in us and we cannot get any closer to him today than we will when we get to heaven. God wants to take over our thinking and our bodies so that when we speak he speaks through us. When we are afraid he stills our fear for he does not fear.  He is in us and as the thief on the cross when others would judge we intercede and forgive.

Jesus is our example to live like. He will if we let him completely transform us into himself. The kingdom of God has come and it lives within us if we will allow. We shouldn’t rewrite it. Tell it a different way. Or make it appealing to others by wrapping it in a story that barley looks like the gospel. No God’s word is knowledge and will stand as it is. It is interesting in that our finest schools in the world, that man travels from all over the world to come to them. No longer teach knowledge but ideas, theory’s and how to argue with someone. Our Sunday school classes and congregations no longer teach knowledge of God but instead doctrine and their agenda. Our pastors have quit teaching knowledge of God instead they tell stories and entertain the masses. Our homes are confused and have no ideal what or who God is, because he is not taught there.

I know that is a tough pill to swallow. Ask yourself if on the whole if it is not true. In this world today on these blogs today we need to be real careful and ask the question who are we following and why. What are we seeking? If its knowledge then let it be God’s . If we are going to share God’s word lets share his word.

All my love Tom


  1. Yes it does Paul. It amazes me, which don’t take a lot to do so. That I am on a constant quest for the truth in God’s word. The issue that I hadn’t in doing so is that I often will turn to man’s ideas to find it. When it it’s in the bible and God speaks to me. Why not read it and ask God. That is assuming we believe he talks to us and have the faith. I know I have a lot of hope in the Holy Spirit. I am glad you enjoyed the thought, I pray it will get me back on track and others as well. Remembering that knowledge is God. He gives it to whom he chooses. They must seek it .

    Peace brother

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  2. Great advice.. I read a lot of Christian blogs, so I can relate to what you are saying.. I believe Paul said that to much study could confuse a man.. 🙂
    James 1:5

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