Idol’s & god’s A Brief Thought


“I will be my own god”

Today the world around us is boiling over with the idea that we as a human race own and therefore make our own decisions about our life’s and bodies. To some in this world it is unbelievable that they would think any other way.

However I would say that our body, mind and Spirit does not belong to us but to the one that created us. As much as we would deny this in the way we live and the decisions we make ourselves the truth is we answer to a creator and therefore are responsible to him for our actions and decisions we make.

*I will write more on this later. I simply posted this today at the prompting  of the Holy Spirit in order to reach as many as possible quickly.

When we refuse to consult God or reveal our own intent with an open and transparent heart and life before God, then we are saying in essence, I don’t need you God and can make my own decisions about my body and life. This statement and decision say’s to God. “I will be my own god” and lord over my own life……

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[Daily Homily] [F. B. Meyer]

Chapter 6

Know ye not that your body is the temple of the holy ghost which is in you? 

1 Corinthians 6:19

This is a sentence which should be deeply pondered; every clause is significant. We evidently should know its deep and solemn meaning. Apparently it is one of the commonplaces of our holy religion. This knowledge, however, should not be merely that of the intellect, but born out of the deep musing of the heart.

The holy temple. — Built up of the dust of the earth, our bodies are rarer than the most glorious structures that ever the sun shone on, because they are meant to be the shrine and home of God. Jesus spoke of the Temple of His Body; and if He was so zealous for His Father’s House that He drove out the unholy traffickers, and refused to allow a vessel to be carried through the courts, should we not be equally careful? We are the custodians of the Divine residence; let us be very careful that there be nothing to offend or trouble the celestial Inmate.

The Divine Inmate. — Too often He is grieved, and driven to occupy the most secret shrine, concealed and hidden beneath the heavy vail of our inconsistency and unbelief. He is not driven out by our sins, but driven in. Whenever, on the contrary, we put away our sin, and walk in the light as He is in the light; whenever the vail is rent and the whole heart thrown open to Him — He comes in power to occupy every part of our being, so that there is no part dark, and the very body becomes transfigured.

The great Price. — Bought as any slave standing in the marketplace for sale! Ransomed from the direst slave master to the dearest Lord! The price — not corruptible things, as silver and gold — but precious blood! Our life is henceforth not our own, but His.