Its Been Awhile


I would have to look to see the last time I posted on this blog. It has been a long time. Yet here I am pecking away with two fingers what’s in my heart as thoughts come flowing out. I don’t know if you ever watched the movie Welcome Back Kotter but that’s what I was thinking. It’s like coming home. I have read some  of your post and continued to keep you all close to my heart as possible. I watched you remain faithful to what we are compelled to do..

The blog has called out to me more than once to come and write come and share my heart. It is the place that inspired me to venture out into a deeper ministry and more physical ministry. I would no longer be safe and secure here with my laptop in my lap pecking out my thoughts. It is good to return and journal or share again I think. I will find out. I feel at ease and in a safe place. Some have passed on rip Susan others have moved on to callings on their heart to explore different venues.

I have never seen myself as a writer. More of a rambler with all these thoughts in my heart just overflowing and having no other way to let them out. More than once I have had people say to me Tom you talk in metaphors, Tom did you know geniuses talk in metaphors? “To be a master of metaphor,” Aristotle wrote in his Poetics, “is the greatest thing by far. It is the one thing that cannot be learnt from others, and it is also a sign of genius.” I always laugh at that I don’t no whether I am smart or crazy. I do know I was at the bottom of my class going through school in every grade and that english and math where my worst subjects. That I also talk in slang and cannot spell except for spellcheckers help. However it’s not going to keep me from pouring my heart out.

So what have I been up to. Lets see.. I have spent more time with the Lord in his word and praying to him and listening for him to speak with me through his word, others and his creation. This Friday I met with some pastors and leaders  in my community for lunch. Informal no agenda anyone is welcome. Lends for real conversation not lets see who can impress who today. Great bunch of men and women. Tough sometimes but by grace we get through.

This one gentleman said to me do you know God does not speak in words we can hear. He said if ten people where talking and you heard your wife call out your name you would recognize her voice. Yet we don’t hear God that way. God is spirit and talks to us through the Holy Spirit. Who reveals his ways and his desires to us via his Spirit. I told him that is so profound. That is why it’s so important to walk in the Spirit. Small quite voice. Today the Holy Spirit talked to me when I was setting listening for him to reveal to me what I should do about somethings that where on my heart that of concern for me. Remember like a little child. I will share them with you the way I wrote them down.

  • Trust
  • I will not abandon you.
  • Fear me not others.
  • Be a peacemaker
  • Believe I can and will
  • Don’t try to be popular.
  • True followers will encourage you to remain faithful and uplift you.
  • I will uphold you with my strong right arm.
  • Pray and intercede.
  • Encourage and warn.
  • Strengthen.
  • Unite
  • I will be your leader (Holy Spirit)

So I believe that all of these are advice from the Holy Spirit communicated to me from God. Christ knows the Father because he abides with him and the Holy Spirit reveals him. I abide with God because I follow my Lord that the Holy Spirit reveals to me that has all the character of his Father. Who naturally would want me to have the same character as him. He spoke this to me by his spirit through the truths of his word, which is love. Take a look at the things he said to me. “All things he has taught me. All in his word. “All made to calm the fears and uncertainty of a child. As I came to him a child.

I will leave there today. That is enough I hear him saying. I pray that we would all continue to hear God speak to us and remain faithful to what he has called us to.

Peace and joy Tom