Simply devoted

This is a beautiful reminder of God’s love for his people. Maureen thank you for sharing this and reminding me of his love.

I have had my fair share of misfortunes in relationships-from one end to another but, one thing I had in common in all those relationships is I WANTED and still want attention. Just think of how you want to wake up every morning to a good morning text and end each day with a brief update of how the day was like. With so many or at least one or two ” I love you’s” in-between the day as a constant reminder that you still reside in the recesses of their mind and hearts. We need gifts here and there, the special occasion ones and any time gifts -whatever love language you are, you just want them to make you feel special. You also take the time or even rack your brains trying to get the choicest gift for your lover because the smile they put on when you…

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